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UFO LED Bay Light

Wide aluminum plate design, good heat dissipation, low light decay

Nice exterior and with small size, driver external, easy for maintenance

500W LED Tower Crane Lighting

Construction field lighting / building lighting / Tower crane lighting

Suggested suspension height above 23m

LED Street Light

Energy savings of up to 50-80% over existing HID solutions

With several types adapter, can meet any requirements of different application

Super slim LED Flood Light

Large size aluminum PCB fit aluminum die cast housing

IP65 With stainless waterproof connectors

Modular LED floodlight

Free splicing, multiple power options

A single high-power lamp, high brightness, long life and beautiful appearance and high practicability

HEQING offers to clients complete consulting and lighting design service, in order to support and provide efficient solutions for the developed projects

Construction Lighting

Workshop Lighting

LED Project

Square Lighting

Tunnel Lighting

Street Lighting

Indoor Lighting

LED Product display
To remain competitive, all of our manufacturing experts, technicians and sales managers are working together to provide quality customer service.
LED knowledge
HEQING offers all kinds of industrial LED lighting to the local as well as the international market

Specification:Name: 500WLEDHighbaylight(towercranelight)ItemNo.:HQ-TS-A300-W500Power:……...


Feature:1. Heatsink: Unique thermal design. Much better ……...


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Technology is advancing, constantly changing market developments and individual customer requirements are currently the biggest challenge for us
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